About Us

CM Upholstery LTD was born out of a passion for upholstery and home decoration. The company’s experienced team work endlessly to restore unique and beautiful pieces or to create brand new ones from scratch. From upholstery, antique furniture repairs and wood carving to curtains, blinds, headboards and cushions – the company provides a full service suitable for private as well as business customers.


Having worked in the field for almost 10 years already, Cristina and George decided to set up their own business in 2011 when CM Upholstery LTD was born. Over the years the business grew to what it is today, a traditional upholstery shop specialised in antique and modern furniture.



Our mission is to keep unique pieces of furniture alive and our clients happy. Antique as well as modern pieces of furniture needs our care and very often our clients are emotionally attached to them; therefore we do our best to create and re-create hand-made pieces that inspires and lasts over the years. When we create new items, we get inspiration from the nature and from our local communities. 

Through its mission, the company strives to bring comfortable, quality items to its customers as well as care for the environment.

Our Team